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Judith L. Harlow's Family
Mandi Douglas

Judith L. Harlow's family members visited campus and brought fabulous treats to the school employees in Mrs. Harlow's honor. 

Judith Lindsey Harlow was a long-time employee as well as a graduate of Anna ISD. She worked in the office and the library. She was an important figure at the First Baptist Church of Anna and was also very active in the community and a devoted member of the Anna Historical Preservation Society. She was very honored to have an elementary school named after her. She had chatted with her daughter Suzanne about wanting to treat the teachers and staff at Harlow Elementary, but wasn't able to before she passed. Knowing how important this was to her the Harlow family members came and brought fabulous treats to the school employees. Those family members included Judy's sons- Russell and his wife, Trina; and Dale and his wife Shana. Judy's Daughter- Suzanne and Judy's granddaughter, Chloe Harlow Fielder.

The staff at Harlow Elementary was honored by the family of Judith Harlow and want to express our deepest thanks for blessing us with delicious treats, beautiful decorations, and gifts!