Visitor Policy

At Harlow Elementary we welcome parents and guardians to be involved in the education of their children.  For the safety of those within the school and to avoid disruption of instructional time, all visitors must first report to the main office and must comply with all applicable district policies and procedures.  When arriving on campus, all parents and other visitors should be prepared to show identification. 

We realize parents and guardians might wish to eat lunch with their children on special occasions. Due to the limited amount of space and tables in the cafeteria, Harlow elementary will allow lunch visitors on Tuesdays and Thursdays only

Lunch visitors will need to check in the front office and be registered through RaptorWare before being allowed in the school.

You and your child will sit at the designated family lunch table.
You may choose to buy from the cafeteria or bring in outside food.
Please remember that it is against state law to give food to any child other than your own.

We ask that you try to exit the cafeteria 5 minutes prior to the end of the lunch period in order for our teachers to follow procedures of classroom management.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the front office or your child's teacher.

**New Procedures for 2018-2019 year**

If you would like to visit your student’s campus, you will be required to have your Driver's License or Official ID with you. When you enter the main office, your ID will be scanned into the RAPTOR system and you will be given a visitor’s badge/sticker. The office staff will retain your Driver's License while you are on campus. In order to retrieve your ID, you will need to return your visitor’s badge/sticker as you exit the campus.

We appreciate that this may be an inconvenience but keep in mind that the safety of our students is first and foremost. If you have any questions regarding our new procedures, please contact Anna ISD Police Chief George White at 972-924-1000.


There are many opportunities for volunteers to serve at Harlow Elementary! We appreciate so much the efforts of parent, grandparent and community member volunteers that are willing to serve our district and students.

Please contact Harlow PTA to find out more information on volunteering at the school!


All visitors and volunteers must check in through the RaptorWare® system, before being granted access past the point of the office. RaptorWare® will: 1) scan your driver’s license or state-issued identification, 2) match your information against registered sex offender databases, 3) print a photo identification badge. Once the person has been cleared for entry, the badge must be worn at all times while on campus and then returned to the school office upon checkout. Persons without identification will not be granted access. During high visitor traffic such as, school parties, awards assemblies, plays etc., check in could take a significant amount of time. Please remember this process is for the safety of your children and the school staff.

Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time are permitted only with approval of the principal and teacher and only so long as their duration or frequency does not interfere with the delivery of instruction or disrupt the normal school environment. Even if the visit is approved prior to the visitor’s arrival, the individual must check in at the main office first.

Because classrooms and other instructional areas are the most vulnerable to disruption, specific conditions may be imposed upon visitors, including but not limited to:

Remaining in a designated place or seat

Refraining from speaking to students/teacher while the class or activity is in session

Limiting the duration of the visit to particular times or lengths of times

Limiting the activities of the visitor to a particular purpose(s)

Designating particular routes of travel in the building or upon the school grounds

Requiring that the dress and grooming of the visitor be consistent with the dress code for the students and employees in the building

The building principal has the authority to exclude from the school premises any person who disrupts or who appears likely to become a disruption to the educational program. Any such individual shall be directed to leave the school premises immediately and law enforcement authorities shall be called if necessary.

All visitors are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct; disruptive behavior will not be permitted.

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